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90 Tooth Universal Spline Reversible Combination Ratchet Wrenches

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  • Universal spline drive for 12-point, 6-point, torx(star), spline, and square fastener
  • 90 tooth ratchet gears need only a 4° swing arc to access spots where standard ratchets will not have enough swing
  • 15° offset box head provides extra knuckle clearance
  • Reversing lever provides on-the-fly ratcheting adjustability
  • Extra long beam offers extreme reach and loads of leverage
  • The reinforced open end holds on tight to fasteners, reducing fastener rounding
  • Constructed from chrome-vanadium steel (CR-V) ensure long-lasting durability
  • With mirror polished or satin chrome finished
  • This series is universal spline
  • 8mm, 9mm, 5/16" these size are 72 tooth
  • We have many set for choice, you can buy wrenches separately
  • Wrenches with mirror polished or satin chrome finished is customized
  • Mini order 500sets



Carton Packing

8mm or 5/16" 139mm 200pcs, 13kgs, cuft 0.63'
9mm  149mm 200pcs, 14kgs, cuft 0.63'
10mm or 3/8" 158mm 200pcs, 16.7kgs, cuft 0.63'
11mm or 7/16" 164mm 200pcs, 19kgs, cuft 0.63'
12mm 170mm 200pcs, 22.5kgs, cuft 0.63'
13mm or 1/2" 177mm 100pcs, 13.5kgs, cuft 0.46'
14mm or 9/16" 190mm 100pcs, 13.5kgs, cuft 0.46'
15mm 198mm 100pcs, 18kgs, cuft 0.68'
16mm or 5/8" 207mm 100pcs, 19kgs, cuft 0.68'
17mm or 11/16" 224mm 100pcs, 23kgs, cuft 0.68'
18mm 235mm 50pcs, 11.8kgs, cuft 0.5'
19mm or 3/4" 246mm 50pcs, 13.7kgs, cuft 0.58'
21mm or 13/16" 288mm 30pcs, 11.8kgs, cuft 0.8'
22mm or 7/8" 288mm 30pcs, 11.4kgs, cuft 0.8'
23mm TBD 30pcs, 17.3kgs, cuft 1.18'
24mm or 15/16" 318mm 30pcs, 16.9kgs, cuft 1.18'
25mm or 1" 318mm 30pcs, 16.6kgs, cuft 1.18'


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